Saturday, July 28, 2012

Antiques vs. Electronics

A few days ago, 2 kids came in the shop. A boy & a girl. Ages 12 & 13.

They were fascinated with the antiques. They didn't know what most were, but were eager to hear about them. The old scissor style grass clippers particularly had them curious. "You mean people mowed their whole yard with these?"

The generation gap was a bit obvious. At 12 & 13, they have known electronics all their life.

"Do you have any antique TV's?"

"Is that an antique satellite dish?" (It was a flat, metal lampshade for an outdoor light)

My favorite though was, "Hey look! An old time dry erase board!"

In other amusing news, I looked at the comments in my spam box. Oy.

It's funny how the comments don't even go with the post. One was on my post about the Super Derecho

If you look at that post, you'll see that my only photos on it are of a bucket that blew across our yard and got caught on a farm implement, making it look like it was hanging in mid-air.

The comment said, "You shouldn't rely so heavily on posting videos and letting them tell the story. You should rely more on your writing skills".

And then the real reason for the comment, "Please visit our site for adult chat."

Uh huh. No thanks.

Some of the comments didn't even make sense. Poor English etc.

I read a news article recently that said the poorly written spam emails etc. are written that way purposely. Their thinking is that if you are gullible enough to fall for a poorly written email notifying you that you won something (or whatever), then you just may be gullible enough to follow through with their directions. And then they have your credit card number. And then they have you.

We have to be careful in our modern day electronic world! Sometimes I feel a bit sorry for the young people of today who are growing up with electronics constantly in their hands.

I big part of me preferred the day when a dry erase board was actually a chalk board.

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