Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Country Life = Night Time Visitors

We've been in battle all summer.
It's us vs. the raccoons. The prize? There's two.
The chicken's feed, and the even more coveted peach tree.
George put some metal flashing around the bottom of the peach tree.
The thinking was that the raccoons couldn't climb it.

The thinking was good in theory, but not quite accurate.
Maybe they can't climb it, but they sure can jump it!

See that blur jumping right over the flashing?

This one must be mama, she doesn't look like she would even need to jump.
By the time she stretches to her full length, she could just lazily pull herself up & over.

"Thanks for the lift guys. You made my job much easier."

Our game camera caught another night time prowler too....

Yep, that would be a deer.

Ahhh, life in the country.

Edited to add: When George looked at my blog, thus looking at the photos more closely, he noticed that in the second photo (the one where the raccoon is jumping), there is an opossum there as well. We're being bombarded by wildlife!

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