Friday, July 20, 2012

Country Life = Wind damage

We've been so dry, and praying for rain. Well, we got it. And with it came the wind! The day before yesterday, I was sitting at our kitchen table, beside the sliding door, (eating peanut butter on saltine crackers...just in case you're wondering).

I was getting a little nervous, because the glass door was starting to shimmy a little in the wind. I'd no more than thought maybe that wasn't the greatest place to be sitting, when I saw the wind suck the screen door out, and lay it on the deck.

Ok, I'll move. I went in the living room and watched the storm for a few minutes, then wandered back to the bedroom. I glanced out the window. OH NO!!!

That would be our beautiful Bradford Pear tree. And under it would be our new tractor.

You would have thought I would have heard that happen. But I didn't. The wind was so loud, and over top of it was the constant thunder. My guess is that the same gust of wind that sucked out the screen door also broke our tree.

Believe it or not, the tractor is fine. And it's actually a good thing it was sitting there. If it hadn't been parked there, our CRV (you can see it behind the tractor) would have been there, and it wouldn't have fared so well.

If the tree would have fallen just a couple more feet in the other direction, it would have done considerable damage to the house. As it was, it just tore up the gutter a little.

We did lose power for 25 hours after this storm, but still, we're thankful for the rain. And yesterday, another big storm rolled through, with more rain.

Looks like it's going to be one of those summers. Lots of heat. Not much rain. But when it does...better watch out!

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