Friday, July 27, 2012

Cutter quilt

CUTTER QUILT DEFINITION: a quilt that is so badly worn or damaged in some areas as to be sold for the purpose of cutting it up into pillows, dolls, or other...

The quilt I've been working with is absolutely beautiful. When I got it, it had already been turned into a cutter quilt. I have a hard time cutting a quilt. All that work that went into it!!! But, since this one was already cut, it made it much easier every time I took the scissors to it.

Some of it was large enough to  use in old window frames:

This frame looked like it "needed something" at the bottom. The hardware was missing, and a couple screw holes were glaring at me. I simply painted No. 426 on a small block of wood, distressed it and glued it on. Problem solved.

Why No. 426? No idea, it just popped into my head.

This 2 pane window is missing a pane. The quilt came to the rescue. It has these fancy, scalloped edges. Perfect for a "curtain". I cut the word BLESSINGS out of vinyl on my Sihlouette Cameo machine, and stuck it to the glass pane. I love how it turned out.

I still have several pieces of the quilt left. Got to get my creative juices flowing some more!

These photos don't do the quilt justice. The colors are very vivid. I'm getting close to getting a better camera...that certainly should stir those creative juices!

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