Monday, July 9, 2012

Country life = wedding ties

I have a very good reason for not blogging lately. Life comes first, especially when life equals our son's wedding!

His fiance Katie was beginning to think July 7th was NEVER going to get here, but get here it did! And with it came the heat! When they planned a July wedding, Katie assured us that in the mountains of Pennsylvania where she was born and raised, a typical July day would be about 80 degrees. So the fact that the church and reception hall do not have air conditioning would not be a big deal.

Yeah, right.

As you are probably well aware because you have sweat dripping off your nose, most of the country is in the midst of a heat wave. Including the mountains of Pennsylvania where Katie was born and raised.

It was hot. As in almost 100 degrees. With no air conditioning.

But you know what? The wedding was absolutely beautiful anyway. And, they will have a story to tell their grandkids.

I don't have wedding photos yet, other than these ones our son-in-law Brian took of Kevin and his dad outside our motel room. Kevin doesn't wear ties anymore than he has too, and that is usually just long enough to forget how to tie one. George can't stand in front of him and help him, he has to stand beside him, and they tie their ties together.


This scene has been played out several times throughout Kevin's growing up years, but never was it more poignant than on Kevin's wedding day.

 Look at that deep concentration on Kevin's face!

When I look back on Kevin's wedding day, one of my favorite memories will be standing in the motel parking lot, watching my husband and my son tying those ties.

It's truly the little things in life than end up meaning the most isn't it?

And speaking of little things...

This is our newest family member Lydia, our great-neice. Jessica snapped this photo of Lydia trying to beat the heat. It was super hot, but let me tell you, 7 week old Lydia didn't complain. She was so sweet for the entire production. Her daddy was the best man, so she was there for everything starting with the rehearsal. What a sweetheart!

Ahhh, the memories that were made. Good times.

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