Friday, November 26, 2010

Black Friday & Small Business Saturday

Just another reminder:

If you "like" the shop on facebook, or follow this blog,
you'll get 15% off regular prices on November 26 & 27.

Just tell me that you're eligible for the discount.

Small shops like mine can't "keep up" with the big box chain store sales.
We simply can't afford the huge discounts they give.
Nor can we provide the "shopping rush" you get from standing in line at 3 AM, then jamming through the doors with hundreds of other people who all want the same thing you do.

Nothing against the big boxes, I shop there myself.

But, all of us mom & pop stores out there just ask that you remember us, and shop with us as often as you can.

We offer sales too, though not as big.
We're friendly, and we know and care about our products.
We offer you advice if you ask, or give you ideas.
We listen when you give us advice and ideas.
We truly care about our customers, and our community.
We laugh with you, and become friends.
We cry with you, and become confidants.

We need you...& the small towns across America need us too.

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