Monday, November 22, 2010

Country Life

Our neighbor has a well fenced farm, but no matter how much fence there is, sometimes whatever animal is fenced in manages to find a way to get out. At certain times of the year, these cows are in the field. I love to watch them graze, they seem so harmless. But I admit that if they get out, I become afraid of them.
They seem to get 3 times bigger when they are standing on the road!

Right now, these goats are in the field.

Well, they are supposed to be in the field.

Our son Kevin lives next door to us, and we rode to church together yesterday. When we got home, and pulled in our shared driveway, we saw the goats in our woods. I called the neighbor, but no one was home, so Kevin & I went down in the woods, circled behind the goats, & got them back through the gate.

Ah, problem solved.

Well, not quite.

A couple hours later, Kevin came and got me, "You better come mom, the goats are next to the road now". We live back a lane, so there's not a lot of traffic, but still, we wanted to get them away from the road quickly. They acted like they would like to follow me, but, they didn't really want to get on the gravel, after all, the plot of grass they were eating was nice and soft! I said I wish we had some grain, or something that the goats would think was grain.

That's when Kevin lit up, and said, "Cat food!"

He ran up to the house, put some cat food in a tin can, then gave it to me. He circled back around behind the goats, I started shaking the can, and those goats followed us right out the road, and back into the pasture.

 The cat food saved the day, but our cat Billy thinks he was the hero. Both times the goats were out, he "helped" herd them back in. Both times, he brought up the rear. He was as fascinated with the goats as they were with him. And it wasn't because I was carrying cat food, he could care less about that. It's that he has always acted more like a dog than a cat. Anywhere we go in the field or woods, he is right there with us. He's afraid he might miss something!

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