Monday, November 15, 2010

Customer ideas

I get so many good ideas from my customers. While attending my niece's bridal shower yesterday, I remembered the lady who came in one day looking for seasonal items. It was the middle of summer, and she was looking for a snowman, something for Christmas, Valentine's Day, Halloween and/or Thanksgiving and also something patriotic. She explained that she was going to a bridal shower, and her gift was going to be something that the new bride could decorate with for several holidays. She wanted things that were small enough to fit in a large basket.

She knew it would be hard to find fall and winter things that time of year, but as luck would have it, my shop and another nearby happened to have some of those type of things on the clearance table. Between the 2 shops, she found just what she needed for a very thoughtful gift.

As she said, it's better to buy the seasonal things in season, and just put them up so they are there when the need arises. So.........if that is an idea you would like to use in the upcoming year, now of course is a good time to buy Christmas and snowmen.

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