Saturday, April 21, 2012

Cow stanchions

In 2009, George bought several cow stanchions at an auction. We planned to "do something" with them. Not for ourselves, he bought them to sell in the shop. But we didn't think they would sell "as is". So, we intended to do something crafty with them.

The problem was, we never came up with any ideas. The stanchions have been stored in our shed all this time. Taking up room.

Yesterday, I decided to just take one into the shop and see if anyone would be interested in it. Guess what? It sold 5 minutes after I put it out on the floor!

So, last night we cleaned up 6 more of them, and I'm taking them to the store today.

They are loaded and ready to go. In the back of the CRV.

Only fellow "junkers" can appreciate this kind of junk being hauled inside a car!

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