Friday, April 27, 2012

Cricut blocks

One day at Goodwill, I ran across a big bag of blocks and tinkertoys. How much fun some child probably had with those! And then, I suppose like all children do, the child grew up and away from blocks and tinkertoys. And they ended up at Goodwill. For me to find.

I knew right away what I would do with the blocks. They would become my first project with my new Cricut machine. More about that here

My very professional work station... (that would be the living room floor)....

Sort blocks. Paint blocks. Sand blocks. Pick papers. Cut papers. Mod Podge papers onto blocks. Figure out how to use the Cricut. Pick letters and designs. Pick papers. Cut with Cricut. Mod Podge onto papered blocks.

Whew. Many, many hours went into this!

Some of the finished blocks are shown below:

The blocks are not attached together, rather they just stack.

 Isn't that what blocks are supposed to do?

Sometimes when I was working on them, I could picture a little boy or girl playing with them. I bet when their mama donated them to Goodwill, she pictured them ending up in a home where another little boy or girl would play with them.

Nope. They ended up in a home where a big girl played with them! But I think I'll hang onto the tinkertoys. After all, this big girl may have grandkids someday!

This isn't all the finished blocks. I intended to take a photo of the rest of them on display at the store. Yesterday, I had the camera, but when I started to take a picture, I realized the camera card was at the computer there.

So today, I brought the camera and the camera card. I took a picture, then discovered that my new printer does not have slots for camera cards. WHAT? When I bought this printer, it didn't occur to me to make sure it had that capability. I assumed they all did these days. Grrr.

The camera card slot in my store computer has never worked. post the picture of the blocks on display, I'd have to wait till I got home. I'm in the mood to post now, so I'll just post without the picture showing all of them. If you want to see the rest of them, come on into the store. I'll be here till 5.

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