Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Planter chairs

We bought these chairs at an auction last summer. I have had them in the shop ever since, and only one sold. They are very pretty, but also rather uncomfortable. A little too straight backed for comfort.

I thought about putting them in our up-coming clearance sale, but then I had a better idea...

Planter chairs! A little spray paint, a little sanding, a little chicken wire and a coconut shell.

No more dark and formal. Now they are cheery and fun! (Obviously, the one in the middle was not part of the set.)

I'm selling them just like you see them here. I'll let my customers plant their own flowers in them. All they need are some potting soil and plants.

How pretty the woodwork is on them! I think the paint really brought the character of the chairs out to light. Antique purists might not approve, but that doesn't bother me. Furniture should be enjoyed, and I think these chairs are much more enjoyable now than before. Besides the discomfort of sitting in them, they weren't in that great of shape. The closer I looked at them, I realized they had been glued several places, had cracks here and there etc. They needed new life...what better way to do that than with flowers?

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