Thursday, April 5, 2012


So.....have you jumped on the Pinterest bandwagon yet?

In case you don't know, it's basically an online bulletin board, where you "pin" photos etc. that you like anywhere on this magical toy called the world wide web.

Once it's "pinned", other folks can see it too, and they can "repin" it if they want, thus creating a viral effect.

You can scroll down through other folks boards, and see more ideas than you ever thought possible. Looking for wedding ideas? Do a search on wedding. Recipes? Oh my. Storage ideas? Yep. Gardening? Ditto.

Ideas for using old windows and doors? Hey - I have a board on that!

You can see all of my door and windows board here.

I'm just getting started with Pinterest, so my boards are still rather small. I've heard lots of stories of how addicting it can be, so I'm trying not to let that happen to me. I don't want to have to join Pinterest Anonymous. Ha!

Seriously though, if you're looking for ideas, or inspiration, or just want to lose yourself for awhile, give Pinterest a try. Fun stuff.

You can see the rest of my own boards here

Or Pinterest in general here

By the way, I have no connection at all to Pinterest, other than creating an account and pinning pins. I don't have any stock in the company, or know anyone at headquarters. I just wish I had come up with the idea, and had the know-how to operate it. But I didn't, and I don't. Oh well.

Go forth and "pin"!

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