Wednesday, May 2, 2012

No photos - phooey

I tried to upload photos for a new post, and couldn't. Seems I'm out of free storage space for photos. Well....phooey.

I tried to purchase a storage plan, and couldn't. Seems there was a technical error. Probably has something to do with this veerrry slooowww hi-speed internet service we have at home. Costs us $107 a month, and is so slow it often won't process orders etc.

So, I'll have to order more storage space when I go into the store, where the hi-speed is actually hi-speed. At $65 a month.

Oh...if we could only get the hi-speed cable we have at the store in our home too! But, it's not available there.


I didn't get very much crafting done on my 3 days off. Usually 2 of those days are filled with crafting, but this time, they were filled with cleaning up outside and in our garage. Both were getting extremely out of hand. Both were beyond my control. Both were jobs that required George's help.

He had 2 days off, and he was in the mood to tackle the jobs. Hallelujah!

We got busy. We got dirty. We got lots done.

Lots still to do. But lots done.

I'm publicly thanking my wonderful husband for all his help.

I'll think I'll keep him.

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