Thursday, May 10, 2012

Damage from a hit and run driver

The shop is closed on Monday & Tuesday, so after I left on Saturday, I wasn't back in till yesterday... Wednesday. This is what greeted me:

This is the back of our store building. The steps lead up to the second floor. The concrete wall is a fire wall between us and the bar next door.

As you can see, someone hit it from the bar side, knocking the concrete blocks over onto our stairs.

The bottom landing and the steps coming down from it are destroyed. We can see a little damage on the main steps, but we're hoping they are still stable. We won't know for sure till we get the blocks moved today.

The worst part? It was a hit and run. We have no idea who did it. Though we have a very good idea of where they came from.

The only people who park back there are people who go to the bar. It only holds a car or two, it's not a customer parking lot.

As the police officer who came said, "it never ends."

We think it happened Sunday night, judging on when a couple other people saw the damage.

What made the powers that be in Moundsville think it was a grand idea to have several bars in the main shopping district is beyond me. Granted, they were established years ago. I've heard that on the rare event one closes, they don't allow another to open. But they never seem to close completely down, they just change hands and keep on going.

I could recite many stories of the problems they have caused, as could the other shop owners on the Avenue. Stories that would make you sick to your stomach, so I won't recite them here.

I don't drink, so you can imagine how irritating all the bars are to me. Many of the shop owners do drink socially, but they too have had it up to here.

If only I had the money to buy all the bars on the Avenue (and the one on the street behind us too). We'd have several more shops, and a lot less trouble.

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