Friday, April 12, 2013

Barnwood signs

I've been digging around in my barn wood stash, and painting signs:

After a long winter, I'm ready for some brighter colors! Primitives are great. but must they always be so dark? I love black for an accent color, but sometimes it seems every prim piece is black. Enough already!

I didn't have a spot handy to hang these and get a picture, so I just laid them on the carpet. Makes for an odd background, but you get the idea. I hope.

I added flowers cut out from wood to these signs for an extra pop of color.
I brought in another stack last evening. It's funny, I never really have a plan for a sign when I sit down. But I reach in the stack, pull out a piece of wood, and it "speaks" to me.
Does that make me sound crazy? I hope not, but if it does.......... oh well!
 I is what I is!

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