Friday, April 19, 2013

Before and after mantle

I bought this mantle at an auction without getting a good look at it....

Looks great from a bit of a distance, which is how I saw it at the auction. But a closer inspection showed it's flaws character. Some kid had scratched the front panel up with something sharp. And wrote on it in crayon. I'm assuming it was a kid. Hmmm. It also needed tightening up here and there.

As a side note: I'll pay you $100 if you don't look at the mess in our garage. Well, not really. But I would appreciate it if you wouldn't look at it.

You can also ignore Billy, who picked that moment to be anti-social.

You can however look at the old mower to the left of the mantle. We took it to the store to sell.

Ok, back to the mantle........

Paint and sandpaper to the rescue!

I wouldn't normally paint over an oak piece of furniture. But in this case, because of the number of flaws character traits, I think it was the best choice. I love how it turned out!

And, as if to prove my point, it sold on the first day it was in the shop, which was today. Yay!

I have a couple more before and after furniture projects to show you, but I'm getting very sleepy. So..... I'll post those in the next couple of days. Stay tuned!

Good Night! (Though I'm not actually going to hit "publish" til morning since I already posted today. So maybe I should say Good Morning!) I don't know. I'm too tired to figure it out.

So, Good Night!

Or something like that.

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