Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Praying for Boston

Our hearts are heavy. We will never understand why anyone would want to hurt and kill others. Innocent people running in a marathon, or cheering on their loved ones.

George and I enjoyed a trip to Boston many years ago. We drove in for a business meeting. As soon as we started driving in, we wished we had parked on the outskirts and taken public transportation in! Boston traffic is a tad bit busier than we are used to out on the ridge!

But once we were settled in a gorgeous hotel, we had a great time. You can't go to Boston without seeing the Tea Party ship. There's a picture around here somewhere of me throwing a bag of tea off the ship. Tourists do what tourists do. heehee.

Our favorite tour though was the USS Constitution. Simply fascinating.

And just walking around the streets. Such history in Boston. We would like to go back again, and take the time to explore that history.

We pray for Boston. For the victims. For their families and friends.

As I went to sleep last night, I thought about the first responders. The ones who are paid, the ones who volunteer, the ones who are ordinary citizens who as luck would have it, find themselves in horrific situations, and rise to the occasion.

There's a few evil people that desire to hurt others. But there's many more people who desire to help others. May God help us overcome evil with good.

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