Monday, April 22, 2013

Country Life = The town mouse and the country mouse

George & I went to VA over the weekend to visit our daughter Jessica. On Friday evening, we had dinner reservations at Zaytinya, a Mediterranean restaurant in DC. The food is served mezze style, which means it's served on small plates that are meant to be shared. We couldn't pronounce anything on the menu, but we sure had fun sampling all the (expensive!) food!

As we rode the Metro, and walked the streets of DC, I was reminded once again of the very different lives our children lead. While we were dining on lamb in a fine restaurant with Jessica, her brother Kevin was back home on the farm, feeding goats. And chickens. And cattle.

Full disclosure: this photo of Kevin is a month or so old, before spring (and leaves!) came.
But obviously, I couldn't take a photo of Kevin feeding the livestock at the same time I was in DC with Jessica.
I have a zoom lens, but it doesn't zoom that far!
On Saturday, we drove out to Luckett VA, where we hit the antique shops. Jessica found these 3 chairs at a fun shop called On A Whim.
It wasn't too difficult to get them in the back of our Kia Sorrento, but it did get a little trickier when we added a couple more things at Luckett's Store, another great antique shop right down the road.
Meanwhile, back home, Kevin and his wife Katie were making their own purchases......

Three little pigs!
And their buddy!
When we were done shopping, Jessica took us to the quaint little village of Waterford, VA, which is a National Historic Landmark.

We spent some time at the old Waterford Mill. It was a gorgeous day. Sunny. Comfortable.

And rather breezy, as you can tell by my wind-blown hair.

Meanwhile, back home, Kevin and Katie were not having as lovely of a day. Their new pigs were not feeling the love. Nor the cooperative spirit. Katie dove headfirst after an escapee pig. Kevin dove into the ground when he tried to jump over the trailer hitch after an escapee goat.

I have no idea why they didn't take pictures of the chaos they found themselves in the middle of - I'm sure they would have been quite entertaining. heehee. Katie has a blog post planned on their adventure - watch for that on her blog about their farm life.

Saturday evening, Jessica showed us her office at Marymount University in Arlington, then we went to Dancing With the MU Stars, a fun dance competition featuring students and staff at Marymount.

Katie sent George a text about the baby pigs that said, "Kevin says that behind cuteness lies the devil's soul".

On Sunday, while we leisurely attended church in VA, Kevin & Katie tried to attend church back home. But the experiences of the day before had left them so tired and sore, that they didn't quite make it.

George and I started the long drive home. Jessica arranged her new chairs in her condo while she waited for her husband Brian to get back home after his weekend away.

Kevin & Katie - who are bound and determined - added 2 more animals to their growing farm:

Two very friendly dairy goats named Calypso and Willow. What beauties!

From the time Jessica visited New York City as a young teen, she was intrigued with the city life. She and Brian have lived in the city for a few years now. It's been quite an experience for her, and we're glad they had that opportunity. They don't plan to live their whole lives there though, and will probably find a spot in Suburbia one day, with a yard to garden and tinker in.

Kevin has known since he was a little boy that he wanted to be a farmer, and he has absolutely no interest in the rat race his sister lives in. He looks forward to the day when she leaves that life behind, so he can visit her without having to face the traffic nightmare that accompanies city life.

The Town Mouse and The Country Mouse.

Brother and Sister. The Best of Friends.

We're blessed.

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