Wednesday, April 3, 2013

New crafts and Help! I need Help!

We have lots of handmade crafts in our shop. A rough guesstimate would be that our shop is 1/3 handmade crafts, 1/3 imported crafts, and 1/3 antique & vintage items. Not a bad combo in my opinion!

The photos below focus mainly on some of the imported crafts we have this spring:

Stackable boxes can be used just for decorative use, or for storage. And, they work great in a spot where you need a little height.

The balls are fun! Though I don't recommend them if you have small children in the house who might think they are a game! "No throwing balls in the house!"
Word signs are very popular these days! I posted this photo on my facebook page the other day. Guess which word got the most response? GIGGLE! In fact, a few days later, a group of ladies came in the store, and one of them said that this photo, and the GIGGLE sign was what brought her in! 
Ok. I need help here. You may notice this photo is on it's side. If you didn't notice it, you may want to get another cup of coffee.

Does anyone know how to rotate it upright? I have it rotated in my software. But for whatever reason, when I post a photo that I took with the camera turned, it posts on it's side. Sometimes it happens when I post them to facebook, but when that happens, I can rotate it after it's posted.

But on my blog, I can't find a way to rotate it. Maybe it's a software problem. Maybe it's that I'm just not seeing an obvious button that says ROTATE ME!

Maybe  I just need another cup of coffee.

I hope that's not it. I'm severely allergic to coffee and can't drink that wonderfully aromatic eye-opener.

I love this blog. I love all of you who read it.

But not enough to kill myself with a cup of coffee!

So, if you know the answer to my problem, please let me know! I've taken lots of pictures with the camera turned that I would like to post here, but I can only ask you to turn your head on it's side so many times.


Sheila said...

What photo editing program do you lose. Try rotating in your program and save it to another name and see if that helps.

Barb said...

I'm using HP MediaSmart Photo. I rotated the photo there, and saved it to a new name. After that, I see it on the computer screen right side up. But when I upload it to the blog, it's back on it's side. Sometimes it happens with facebook too, but they have a button that will rotate it after it's posted. If there is a rotate button on my blog, I'm not seeing it.

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