Thursday, April 18, 2013

Table brought back to life

Do I regret not having a "before" photo!

Kevin & Katie went to an auction, and brought back a little table. A very sorry looking little table.

The top was a piece of pressed something or other. Filthy. And loose. I could run a scraper under it around the entire table.

The legs were dog-chewed. Some puppy out there has developed very strong teeth on that table!

But these were the minor problems. Instead of a picture, I should have taken a video.

It had no bracing, so the table was a bit fluid. You could push it lightly with one finger, and the whole table would sway away from you.

But 4 small pieces of wood for bracing, some black paint on the legs, and tan on the top, and then some sandpaper brought this sorry little table back to life!

If you want perfect, high quality furniture in your house, then this table is not for you. But if you like furniture with a personality, with a story, with character, then this table might be a perfect match for you!

The shelf and the top are plywood. That loose pressed something or other was not loose in the middle. Oh no, it was stuck extremely well there, and the table now has some minor gouge marks from my efforts to remove the remaining glue. (oops)

The dog chewed legs are still dog chewed, but not as noticeable now that the legs are black and distressed.

Katie was apologetic about buying the table, but now, if she had the room, she said she'd like to keep it. But she doesn't have the room, so it's available in my shop.

Most folks probably would have thrown the table on a burn pile. But now, it's ready for many years of service. Will those years of service be in your home?

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