Friday, February 19, 2016

Coffee time

It seems everyone awakens to coffee.

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Everyone but me.
I'm allergic to it.

Severely allergic actually.
When I was tested for allergies as a kid,
the tests showed I was severely allergic.
The doctor said never to drink it.
And I haven't.

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I wish I could!
I absolutely love the smell.

Oh well.

Since many of our customers are probably coffee drinkers,
we carry some coffee themed decor.

Gingerbread & coffee seem to go together.
Not that I would know from personal experience.

I added a burlap coffee sack to this door 
after turning it into a chalkboard.

I think these are coffee sacks....
they say Product of Columbia on the back.

I'm thinking it's a pretty safe bet these thermoses 
held coffee a time or two.

Or every day.

George tells me coffee isn't really that good.
That it's an acquired taste.

He tells me that as he is enjoying his cup.

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