Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Storm Clouds and a Sweet Quilt

It was a very odd day in Moundsville.
Rain then sun. Storms, then sun.
And warm, in the low 60's.
In February.
In West Virginia.

I do a Facebook page called Uptown Moundsville.
Not every day, but most days, I snap a picture 
somewhere around town, and post it on the page.
I call it #MoundsvillePhotoOfTheDay.

The hashtag works on Facebook.
Maybe someday I'll get around to Twitter.
With a capital M.

Anyway, when I left our shop at 5 to go home, I glanced up at the sky.
It summed up perfectly the weather we had all day.

Seems like a good day to show off this sweet baby quilt
we have in our shop right now.
How adorable is that?
The ducks don't care one bit if it's raining!!!

After several very warm days, it's supposed to get colder tonight.
And snow tomorrow.
Back to normal!

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