Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Country Life = A Hatching

We got to watch the most amazing thing a couple weeks ago...

A baby chick hatching out of it's shell!

It's a struggle.
 But that struggle is what gives it the strength to live outside the shell.

It was inside an incubator on our son's farm,
where it had all the warmth it needed.

It pecked and pecked and pecked and then....
it finally broke free!
For a few seconds it stayed all coiled up in a little ball.

But then before long, it stretched out.
And it was immediately hard to believe it had been inside that egg!
Talk about CRAMPED quarters!
No wonder it was desperate to get out!

In a day or two, it had dried and fluffed out it's feathers.

How cute is that?
Pretty cute!

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