Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Country Life = Need some eggs?

If you walk toward the back of the store, you'll see this.....

We knew Jessica's college refrigerator would come in handy again!
Once you're closer, you can read the sign on the front...

Feel free to open the fridge, where you'll see this...

Eggs from our own chickens!
And what color would they be?
They would be brown...

You may ask why they don't sit "just so" in the carton.
That's because they aren't all uniform in size
like you find in the grocery store.

Now that we have our own, we question why they
 always look so perfect in the grocery store!

Maybe a little too perfect.

The eggs we sell are only a few days old at the most.
We are truly selling FRESH eggs!

Wonder how old they are before they reach the grocery store?

We sell them for $2.00 a dozen.

Thanks girls!

Oh, by the way...
how many eggs do you think we get each day?

Usually 23 - 25!
From 29 hens!

29 very busy hens!

If you have any egg cartons laying around,
we'd love to have them!

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