Friday, October 28, 2011

My OOPS Moment

When digging around for stuff to paint snowmen on, I ran across an old baking pan that was black, with white specks. White specks like snow! Hey! That would be fun to paint on!

So, I did. I painted a snowman on it, added a couple words, 4 stars and some snowflakes. Good enough! I took it, and several other things outside (in the cold!) to apply some spray varnish. I sprayed everything else first, and in doing so, emptied the can.

So, I ran back inside to get another can of varnish. I grabbed the first one I came to, and started shaking it as I went back out the door. I did notice the can was shaped a bit different at the top, but I just figured it was a new style of can, and didn't think anymore about it.

As soon as I got back outside, I started spraying the snowman painted on the black baking pan. I made a few sweeps across it before I noticed something odd. The clear varnish looked dirty. Actually, the clear varnish had a definite black tint. OH NO! I stopped and looked closer. The clear varnish I was using wasn't clear varnish at all! It was black spray paint!

Well, too late now...........I had no choice but to keep going. I sprayed a light coat of black over the whole thing. It actually worked out rather it just looks like the snowman was baked on. VERY baked on!

Look closely at the snowman, and you will see the black "smudges". And those star in the corners? They were gold before.............well, before My Oops Moment.

The moral of the story? Put the caps back on the cans before putting them away. You see, I had used the can of black spray paint before - but I didn't put the cap back on. And, when I put it away, I put it with the spray varnish instead of the spray paint. OOPS.

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