Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Country Life = Country Couples

I've been sorting through old photos, and ran across this one....

That's me and George when we were dating in 1982. I always loved this picture, but had forgotten about it. That tends to happen 28 years of marriage and 2 kids later.

The picture is a bit grainy in real life, and the computer scan of it is even more so. That's ok. I suppose we're a little grainy now too. Ha!

After all, you can't keep that freshness of youth forever. But that's ok too. We realize how blessed we've been. We love each other just as much now as we did then....even more if that's possible.

We wish the same for Jessica and her newlywed husband Brian. Ok, technically, they aren't newlyweds anymore since they celebrated their 2nd anniversary last July. But compared to our 28, that's new!

Jessica was absolutely glowing that day. And Brian - who thinks girls take waaaayyy too many pictures - cooperated very well.

We also wish a lifetime of love for Kevin and his fiance Katie, who are in the midst of planning their upcoming July wedding.

See how excited Kevin is with all the wedding planning? Ha! Don't worry Katie, he will cooperate when the big day comes.

Happy Valentine's Day to you and yours! To your sweethearts, to your family, to your friends. It's a wonderful day to remember ALL those who we have been blessed to love, and who bless us by returning that love.

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