Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Country Life = It is what it is

I had been planning to use this sign in a blog post. My friend Debbie makes the most wonderful stitcheries for the store, and this saying is very popular right now. We have laughed about it, wondering who really says that, then came to realize everyone seems to be saying it, ourselves included. I catch myself saying it rather often, and I wonder - did I always say it, or have I just started saying it since our conversation about it.

But before I could write my blog post this morning, our electricity went off. My head was swimming with craft ideas I was anxious to get started on as soon as I wrote the blog post. But when the power went off at 8:00, that was the end of that. It is what it is.

I heard a thump just a second after the power went out. A couple minutes later, as I was calling the electric company to report the outage, I heard a siren. And it was snowing. Hmmm. Perhaps someone hit an electric pole.

Kevin left for work half an hour later. He called a few minutes later to make sure I wasn't going to town today. "It's slicker than snot", he said. He has a way with words.

So, I decided to tackle the one room I could see well in without electricity. Jessica's former bedroom.

I started sorting. And sorting. And sorting. Some of this is my stuff. Some is from my parents. After they both passed on, I just boxed their photos, mementos, etc. up in boxes. Today seemed a good time to start sorting.

When you sort out your parents old photos, you know what you find? All those embarrassing old school photos of yourself. I won't be posting any of those.

I might post some of my sister's embarrassing old school photos though. BAHAHAHA.

Don't worry Jo.....I wouldn't really do that.


I actually bought the pretty stack of boxes a couple weeks ago for this very purpose. They are much prettier than the cardboard boxes on the left that was holding much of what's now on the floor.

You know how one project like this leads to another?

This is next. That mess is 25+ years of photos. See that box on the floor? It fell out when I opened the door. Yeah, it's time to do something. Past time.

Remind me to sort pictures when I'm watching TV, will you?

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