Sunday, February 19, 2012

Door arch - take 3



This is the last door arch I have. Third and final. I had painted the inside linen white, and the outside black, but had no idea what to put in the middle.

I was skipping around on Pinterest, and ran across a "be" list. Aha, that's what I would put in the middle. The original list I painted on it was: be grateful, true, smart, humble, clean and prayerful. Just those words.

I varnished it, and added the rusty stars. All done. I brought it upstairs to take a picture, and realized I had painted them very off-center. I rarely measure things, I do much better if I just "eye up" a project. But my eye must have been leaning to the left on this one.

So... back downstairs I went. I started adding more words, more varnish, and more rusty stars.

Much better now!

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