Friday, February 24, 2012

Scrabble tiles

As a teen, I loved playing Scrabble with my mom. She always seemed to win, but I didn't really mind. I haven't played it for a long time. George thinks it's the worst game in the whole entire world, except for Upwards, which is a variation of Scrabble. If I mention Scrabble, he starts muttering under his breath, "Upwards - what a stupid game. Hate to spell. Hate to come up with words".

Let's just say English was not his favorite subject in school.

I picked up an old Scrabble game somewhere several months ago. A couple days ago, I got it out and started playing with it in a whole new way.

With glue.

As you can see, whoever owned this game before me used it a lot. It's very primitive looking, lots of spots and dirty places. I tried cleaning it, but there wasn't much I could do without damaging the board. Oh well, it will fit right in to someone's primitive home. Find Joy in Simple Things is glued to the board.

All the leftover tiles begged to be played with, so start playing I did. I got the idea for the Love You frame on this blog that I spotted on Pinterest.

Next came the words on the racks. Kevin said, "why the word 'Questions'?" I said, "I needed something that used a Q".

Later, I started playing around with the remaining tiles, and came up with 3 words that I thought went together well: Dare, Dream, and Imagine. A frame, a piece of scrapbook paper and some fabric daisies made it complete.

A word of advice if you ever make these yourself: if you are using hot glue, and are gluing the tiles directly onto the glass like I did, make sure you have the tile where you want it when you lay it down. It sticks immediately!

This was a fun project. I think I'll be on the lookout for more old Scrabble games.

George was hoping I'd craft with the game my mom and I used to play on, so it wouldn't be around anymore.

Not a chance. I'm keeping that one.

He likes to beat me at chess. One of these days, I'll talk him into playing Scrabble again, and I will beat him!

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