Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Country Life = How to cook eggs

This morning, I canned 8 pints of green beans...

While they were processing in the canner, I cleaned the eggs from our spoiled rotten hard-working hens.

It's not unusual for there to be a broken egg or two in the batch. That comes from the hens thinking it would be fun if everyone used the same nesting box.
Sometimes we'll find 6 or 7 eggs in one box. No....that doesn't mean there are 6 or 7 hens in that little space all at once, but rather that as soon as one (well, sometimes 2...see above photo) gets done and jumps out, another one (well, sometimes 2...see above photo) jumps in.

And when a hen lays an egg on top of other eggs, you can guess what happens. Crack.

(Don't feel bad for them, they have 12 boxes to choose from. But like a bunch of kids, they all want the same one)

So, lots of days when I'm washing the eggs, I'll find a cracked one or two. Usually it's discovered when my thumb goes through the shell. Yuck. I just wash it down the drain when that happens.

After I canned the beans, I poured the VERY HOT water from the canner down the drain.

A few minutes later, I happened to walk back over to the sink, and I noticed something odd in the drain....

What is that white stuff in the drain? What is that yellow stuff on the side?

Oh! HA! That would be the egg that went down the drain. Or, the egg that mostly went down the drain. Part of it remained in the sink, and the VERY HOT water from the canner cooked it instantly!

Betcha never thought of cooking your eggs in the sink drain, did ya?

Yep, we're quite inventive out here in the country.

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