Friday, August 31, 2012

Toy cupboard

Can't you just picture some daddy somewhere, (or maybe some grand-daddy), making this cupboard for his little girl?

It has lots of storage room, just right for all the dishes it takes to serve meals to all her dolls.
It's kind of sad that the little girl grew up, and no longer played with the cupboard isn't it? Or at least, I assume that's what happened, since the cupboard was for sale.

So, I bought it. Us big girls can still play with a toy cupboard....

I'm using it for display until someone comes along who thinks it would be perfect for the little girl in their house....or maybe it would be perfect for the big girl in their house!

There are some things that us big girls never outgrow!


Jo said...

Do you have this in an adult size? lol It would be some great storage!

Barb said...

Wouldn't it though? You'll just have to use it for "little" things. lol

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