Friday, August 3, 2012

Farm crafts, and....

We're going down on the farm....craft style.

Mini pillows. 
Great for a shelf, or a bowl filler.

Love Spoken Here. Awww.




Hey! Wait a minute! That's our REAL goats!
You don't want them in your home decor.

  Farm house.
 (a Billy Jacobs print)

Farmhouse ornaments.

A goat named Jessica. 
As opposed to our daughter named Jessica.

Although, the goat named Jessica WAS named after our daughter Jessica.

If you are of the female persuasion, and you are in our neighbor's barn 
when a baby girl goat is born, she is named after you.

(doesn't work for boys - the boys aren't named)

Kevin & Katie just bought the goats in the picture above,
including Jessica, and another goat named for Katie.

But....the goat Katie is not well, and hasn't made the move yet.
We're pulling for her!

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