Friday, March 3, 2017

Country Life = Winter? Spring? Who Knows

I took this photo in our back yard a few days ago. Aren't the daffodils pretty? 
They shouldn't be. It was late February.
Daffodils should not be blooming in February in the northern panhandle of WV.

It's been a crazy warm winter for the most part.

But let me tell you, if all the rain that fell this winter had been snow, we'd be snowed in until Mother's Day. 
Finally, in late February, we had a dry spell, plus more warm temps: 60's and even 70's. 
We took full advantage of it and cleaned off a hillside, burned lots of brush, and worked on a road into our woods.

Ask me if I thought to take pictures.

Just this one of George digging a stump out of the road.
He said, "I don't want to dig a hole to get it out".

Famous last words.

A few days later, the rains came tumbling down.

That is not a creek. It's just water run-off from the road. Running right down our new road. Fortunately, it didn't do as much damage as we feared.

But we're not complaining too loudly. Many locals are cleaning up their homes after the lots of flash flooding. A road into our woods is not nearly as important as someone's home.

That was a wild day though. 60 something temps, 4-6 inches of rain in a few hours, severe storm & even tornado warnings, then sunshine for a bit. More heavy rain that evening, then the winds hit. And hit hard. Temps dropped to the 20's. Our electric went off so many times we lost count, but always came back on. Until it didn't. For 12 hours.

You know what? Nothing makes you appreciate your electric bill as much as not having power for 12 hours. (Or 2 or 3 days as happens occasionally)

Now today, we woke up to snow again. Just an inch or so, but very slick roads early in the day.

And how do our beautiful daffodils feel about that?

They aren't impressed.

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