Monday, March 20, 2017

Embellished Signs

Sure, you can make a sign with a paint brush and paint.
But why stop there?

Lately, I've been adding some embellishments.
Rusty stars are a good place to start.
And even a rusty chicken.

 I like to tie on a scrap of fabric, then add a rusty star on top.

Burlap flowers are always a good choice.
But why stop there?
Lace and barbwire?

I painted Antiques & Old Stuff on a saw blade, then nailed it to a piece of barnwood.
The old friend sign is a piece of baseboard, perhaps from an old farmhouse.
It already had the white chippy paint on it when I bought it.
A couple scraps of fabric gave it the finishing touch.

Or, how about a flower made from a cutter quilt?
There's no end to the ideas of what can be added to a sign.

Time for a treasure hunt through the junk craft stash!

By the way - I'm having problems writing posts and adding pictures. When I add photos, it messes up the spacing. Sometimes it throws the written part all out of whack, adding large spaces to the post at times. Eventually, I can get it to look right on my laptop, but it ends up creating large spaces when I look at it on my phone. Hmmm.......

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