Saturday, March 25, 2017

Man Cave... Stage One

We have a new display in the shop. It has several pieces perfect for the man cave, or a home decorated with the rustic/woodsy/lodge theme.

Can you guess what the Old Treasures and Man Cave signs are painted on?

Concrete trowels!

Speaking of tools, how about a couple shovels?
Note the all wood handles.
And check out that cool old wooden clamp.

Around here, many guys (and gals) are into fishing & hunting.

So that seemed an appropriate beginning for adding more guy stuff.

This plywood cabinet came straight out of a guys woodshop. It had been in my dads workshop, holding a variety of wood making tools.

The green metal box underneath is an old ammo box. I tried selling it plain for a while, and since it hadn't sold yet, I dressed it up a bit with some burlap ribbon and rusty stars.

I dressed up a couple metal skillets too.

They made for some fun Fish Fry signage.

All together now.... "Awwww".

I will be adding more stuff for the guys, this is just the beginning.

But don't worry girls, I certainly haven't forgotten about you!

I'm also adding lots of wedding/love decor.
But that's a post for another day.

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