Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Country Life = A New Year Surprise

Here in our neck of the woods, we've had a mild winter. Hardly any snow, and most of December was in the 40's. Chilly, but certainly not all that cold.

And then came January...it's cold. Very cold. Hurts your skin cold. And we have an inch or two of snow. Blowing snow. Blows right in where you just swept it off snow.

Right now at 2 PM, it's 14 degrees. With the wind, it feels like single digits. A few of the chickens ventured outside, but most are saying No Thank You - even if their favorite treat of cracked corn is scattered out there.

But before the cold, we started the New Year with....a rainbow!

This was our view from our deck early Sunday morning. It hadn't been raining, though the sky looked like it could rain any second. But that wasn't the only reason this rainbow took us by surprise...we have never seen one in the west before. We have always seen them from the front of our house - in the east.

We started looking for the other end but couldn't find it, nor the middle of it. I took the above photo just to show the threatening sky.

And then, a minute or so later, the other end appeared....

How cool is that to start the New Year?!?

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