Monday, January 23, 2012

Country Life = The year of the rainbow?

It's only the 23rd day of January - but it's been a really, really, really cool year so far in the rainbow department.

On the 1st day of the New Year, we saw this rainbow....

It was unusual, because it was out the back door - we had never seen one from that direction before. We have always stood on our front porch to see them. You can read more about that rainbow here.

Today, we saw something even cooler.............

George and I were driving down a country road in a downpour. The rain started letting up, and the sun came out. Just as George said, "there should be a rainbow", it appeared.

It was bright, beautiful, and not too far from us.

And then....

The end came down, right into some pine trees along the side of the road!

How about that!

No, we didn't see a pot of gold.

But who cares! It was enough just to see the rainbow of colors coming down into the trees.

Oh to have had a camera handy!

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