Thursday, January 5, 2012

Country Life = Our favorite daughter's birthday

It's so much easier to have a favorite daughter when you only have one daughter.

While she was home for the holidays, we celebrated Jessica's birthday.

It was a very serious celebration.

We had Irish Cream Cheesecake.

And as you can probably guess
(especially if know Jessica)
she is dancing as we sing Happy Birthday to her.

(Jessica, I apologize for putting you on your side)
(I edited, I saved, I re-edited, I re-saved)
(On my screen, I see you up-right)
(On the blog, you're on your side)
(But I'm using the pic anyway)
(I love your look of making a wish)
(And "can I do it"?)

YES!!! She can!

Her husband Brian had faith in her.

Their Aunt Jo & Uncle Terry sent insulated bags for her and Kevin.
(Kevin's birthday is next week)

Gifts from their Aunt & Uncle are known for having something tucked inside.
Jessica went all out looking for that something.

That's our girl.

I know anyone who has a daughter thinks they have the best one.
But they are wrong.

George & I have the best daughter in the whole wide world.
Just thinking about her brings a smile to our faces.

May God bless you with a wonderful 26th year Jessica...
We love you sweetie!

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