Saturday, January 28, 2012

Never Walk Alone

I lost my dad just over 3 years ago....and lost my mom physically almost 7 years ago....and several years in addition to that due to Alzheimer's Disease.

Dad had a wonderful voice - and he loved to sing. Gospel mostly....I can still hear him beside me in church, singing the hymns he loved.

When mom was in the nursing home, dad bought a karaoke machine, and he would sing for the residents of the nursing home. He recorded some of his singing on cassettes.

After he passed, George and Jessica and I were in his house. Jessica pushed the play button on his karaoke machine, and suddenly dad's voice filled the room. It was wonderful and terrible all in the same moment...

I haven't been able to listen to the cassettes since, knowing I would go to pieces. But this morning, I was finally ready.

I put a cassette in the player, pushed the button, and there was dad, singing just the very song I needed to hear...."You'll Never Walk Alone".

Mom and dad may be gone physically, but they are with me everyday, guiding me. I take great comfort knowing that because of my memories of them, I'll never walk alone.

You can listen to Elvis sing this wonderful song here

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