Saturday, April 2, 2011

April Event

April's First Friday & Saturday Event finishes up today at 5:00!

Save 20% on ALL regular priced items!
Earn Event Bucks to use the rest of the month just like cash!
Sign up to win this guy............

Hmmm. The horse pic is on the computer at home, but I'm writing this on the computer at the store. No problem I thought - I'll just copy the pic off my facebook page and add it here to the blog. He shrunk! Well, his pic shrunk. If I try to enlarge it, it blurs. Badly.

Well - if you squint, you might be able to see him.

I just printed out more Event Bucks. These are great to use the rest of the month. They are good for up to half off any purchase during the month. You can earn more at each Event. For every $10 you spend at an Event, you earn $1.

The hardest part is me remembering to give them to you! I have them laying right on the counter in front of me, and they are printed on bright paper. But somehow I still manage to forget once in awhile! If I forget with you, just say HEY BARB!!! I WANT MY EVENT BUCKS!

Well, you don't have to yell if you don't want to. A gentle reminder works as well.

Hope to see you today!

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