Sunday, April 3, 2011

My mama's birthday

You might say we lost my mom twice, first to Alzheimer's Disease, then to death in 2005. As hard as it was to lose her to death, we knew that also brought release to her, and she could go home to heaven.  She struggled with Alzheimer's for many years, and as anyone who has gone through that knows, it's a terrible time of watching your loved one forget how to function, forget who you even are.

Mom, me (on her lap) and my sister. Isn't mom beautiful!

But mercifully, time heals, and now each day I remember the good times.

Her laughter.
Her smile.
Her kind words.
Her faith in God.

She's flipping through magazines while she eats corn flakes for breakfast.
Kneading bread dough, then baking it till it's golden brown.
Picking apples, and canning applesauce.

She's working in the garden.
Canning and freezing the harvest for winter.
Cooking glorious meals.

She's taking care of the cats.
The dogs.
Her grandchildren, who were her pride and joy.

She's beating me at Scrabble.
Laughing till there's tears in her eyes playing cards.
Teaching me funny little songs.

She's proof-reading my homework.
Giving me much needed advice.
On school...on friends...on family...on boys.........on life.

She's pinning a pattern to fabric.
Sewing new clothes.
Making my wedding gown.

She's helping dad in his business.
Laughing at something he said.
Sitting on the love seat, holding his hand.

She's a wonderful mother, and my best friend.

If you read my post yesterday, you'll know it was my 28th wedding anniversary. We got married on April 2, and mom's birthday was April 3. George told her she wasn't losing a daughter, she was gaining a son for her birthday. And she agreed.

Jo Ellen & I miss you mom, as do Jessica & Kevin, George & Terry & many others.
But we're so very thankful we had you in our life.
 We rest assured that you & dad are sitting together in heaven, still holding hands.
We love you.

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