Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Victorian frames

I picked up some vintage Victorian picture frames at an auction the other night.........

The long one in the middle is 'over the sofa' size. (Can't get much more technical than that now, can ya?)

This shows a couple more. Wonder what happened to the pictures that were in them?

As is usually the case with these old Victorian frames, the fancy stuff (another technical term) is chipping off.

The worst of the loose parts has already fallen off, some in the parking lot, some in the carpet of the CRV. Don't tell George, maybe he won't look in the back seat.

They are still pretty, even though some of the fanciness fell by the wayside...and in the carpet.

(The pictures of the ladies are new, but they go well with the frames don't they?)

As do these two. They aren't old, but they also aren't new. By that I mean I didn't buy them new. They also came from an auction, in new condition, one with the original price tag of $199.00. Believe me, my price is waaaaaaay below that!

This is a stack of various vintage frames, in various sizes and various conditions. Ready for various projects.

Note to self - make time this weekend to vacuum the CRV.
There are various fancy pieces stuck in the various carpet fibers.

Don't tell George.

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