Friday, April 15, 2011


I recently created a postcard featuring our new hours, the First Friday and Saturday Events, the upcoming clearance sale etc. I had hoped to be able to send it out in late March, but didn't quite make it. I was going to send it out next week, but then realized postcard rates are going up a penny on the 17th, so the push was on to get them in the mail this week.

I had recently updated my mailing list, bought labels, had the postcards in hand, and was ready to print the labels. That's where the glitch came in.

I consider myself fairly computer savvy. I can create things on it, like the postcard. I put together my blog, and can navigate facebook as well as anyone.

I consider my sister Jo very computer savvy. She understands HTML and can actually use it. She speaks computer lingo, and actually knows what it means.

Back to printing out my labels. I started the process, and in that process, I discovered that I had 3 or 4 different address books on my computer. How did that happen? And why are they all different? And why did the one I needed be the one that wouldn't work?

Ring, ring.

"I'll be down tomorrow."

Don't ya just love big sisters?

So we spent the better part of the next day figuring out the problem. It involved lots of technical computer talk like...why won't it recognize that address book?...this ought to work....why didn't that work?...ok, we're going to have to change this...let's delete this one...let's add to this one...see if this works...shoot, ok, let's try this...

And then..............Hallelujah!!!

I took them home to put the labels and stamps on, then I laid them out by town on the piano. Needless organizing I know, but it gave me a good feel for where my customers come from, at least the ones who I have addresses for.

See the ones on the piano bench? That would be Moundsville addresses. Makes sense I guess, since the shop is in Moundsville!

These went in the mail today. If you don't get one in a couple of days, that means I don't have your address. If you want one, just email me your address, I'll be happy to send you one.

If you get one, and your address or name are wrong, please let me know. It's hard to keep the book completely current. Also, I know in Marshall County, those of us out in the country with RD addresses will be getting new addresses as they change them for 911 purposes. When you get yours, again, please let me know.

Of course, the worst fear when doing bulk mailings is that someone on my list has died, and I didn't know it, or didn't catch it on the list. If I sent one to someone who has passed on, I sincerely apologize.

Thanks, thanks, and thanks again to my sister Jo for helping me with the labels. She saved me an awful lot of handwriting!

Don't ya just love big sisters?

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