Thursday, April 28, 2011

Here a pip, there a pip...

...everywhere a pip-pip.
(Ok, sorry. I'm tired, and getting a little punchy).

I got in an order of pip rings. 2 inch and 4 inch candle rings, though they also make great small wreaths, or even curtain tie-backs.

More pip garlands came in too.
My biggest sellers are burgandy and burgandy/gold. The gold is more of a mustard. But the catalog calls it gold. I've accidently ordered what they call mustard a couple times. Guess what color it is in real life? Orange. Ok then.

This berry garland is coiled up in a wreath shape in this photo. It can be used like that, or unrolled like in the photo below.

The red berry garland is on the left, unrolled to 6 feet. The other garlands measure either 40 inches or 48 inches, depending on the style.

And the ivory one, and the red ones in the basket? They measure 18 feet when uncoiled!

At least I assume they do. Can't say that I ever actually measured any of the garlands. I'm taking the word of the manufacturer. I trust them completely.

That's a wise move, isn't it?

It isn't?

Oh, ok. Well.

Moving on...

These are called pip teardrops. Why? I have no idea. All I know is that they are popular with my customers. Especially in burgandy, and burgandy/gold. Followed closely by ivory.

Pip picks always sell well, again in those same colors. I ordered more of the shorter burgandy pips. Just like I do every time I order.

And, they did not come in. Just like every time I order. Or so it seems.

Pip wreaths are so pretty. But a word of warning on pips. They are recommended for interior use only. And any time I hear a customer mention they want to use them outside, I tell them just that.

Why the recommendation? I've never seen a reason in the catalogs, but I've heard anecdotal stories from customers. They don't hold up well in the weather.

Not sure about rain, but I've heard stories of what the sun will do to them.

Care for pip popcorn? Apparently, too much sun makes them pop open!

Who'da thunk?

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