Friday, April 22, 2011

I've got the blues - and some whites

I put these two tables beside the mantel, and they gave me an idea for a post.

I'm not sure what the blue top on this table is made from.

I love this little vintage lap quilt...........

This quilt is more blue and pink than blue and white, but who's worried about details?

The white box came from an auction. It's new, but it's not in perfect condition. I painted the sheep sign, the barn picture is a Billy Jacobs print.

White shutters make a good backdrop for some various blues. Look closely at the still life print. Is that my legs reflecting in the glass? Hmmm.

Enamelware is great in any colors! I am drawn to the deep bowl on the left - the blue one. I think my mom must have had one that I am remembering, though Jo said she didn't. But I'm thinking she did; big sisters aren't always right.

This is the end piece from an old crib. Wouldn't it make a great garden trellis?

And this is a side piece, turned up end-ways. This might look cool with linens or towels hung on it.

This old white door would be pretty with a blue wreath hung on it. Too bad I didn't think of that sooner.

You can't get much sweeter than these hand crocheted vintage blue & white baby bibs & booties!

As for someone having the blues - these kids are feeling VERY blue I'm sure! A customer told me the other day that she has this same picture, very large like this one, but hers is bright and full of color. This one has blue tones - it matches those kids moods I bet!

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Jo said...

I remember having that conversation some time back about the blue enamel bowl. The funny thing is that when I first looked at the pic I had a quick flashback and I think you're right ... Mom DID have a blue enamel bowl. I guess little sisters can be right sometimes!!

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