Friday, April 1, 2011

Oh baby!

What fun it was to go through 2 bags of vintage baby clothes! The cute factor was in full force.

The clothes had belonged to a 91 year old woman. I can only assume that she had dressed her babies, and/or grandbabies in these.

Awwww! How sweet are those little booties!!! And the bibs at the top left of the picture! There's entirely too much work in those just for a baby to drool on them!

The dresses are store-bought, but the gowns are handmade, complete with snaps.

One word for these tiny pink sweaters - adorable!

These are a bit of a mystery. Another time when I had just a few vintage baby clothes, there were a couple of these in with them. We assumed they were diapers. We may have assumed wrong.

The lady I bought these from thinks they may have been umbilical wraps. I had never heard of such a thing, but she said in the old days, you would wrap a cloth around the babies tummy for a few days to protect the umbilical cord.

I told her we had thought they were diapers, she said could be, but she's still leaning toward an umbilical wrap. A quick google search on umbilical wraps didn't answer the question for sure, but she may be right. Again, if only the antiques could talk!

UPDATE: A customer was looking at these, and she immediately said she remembered using those umbilical wraps on babies. So, I guess that solves the mystery!!

And speaking of babies - our peeps are growing like bad weeds!

Why are they red? They are huddled under a red heat lamp.

Sometimes the pics come out red, sometimes not.
When I walked in, they were napping under the light. My presence caused the inner alarms to go off.
"Aack! Someone is looking at us. Hide!"


There's always a sensible one in the crowd.
"Hey! She's a human. Human's feed us. I'll just wait patiently for some new food."

And a curious one.
"Hello. I'm Peep. What's your name?" 

"Don't you think my feathers are coming in nicely?" 

"Hey! Look what I can do!"

Back to the businesss side of the day:

April's First Friday & Saturday Event
Today & tomorrow.

20% of ALL regular prices.
A door prize.
Earn Event Bucks to use later in the month, just like cash.

Hope to see you at the Event!!!!!

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