Monday, April 25, 2011

Country life = Introductions

Remember these little guys.....oops - I mean girls?

That was 4 weeks ago. You can read about the day Kevin and Jessica brought them home here. Let me tell you, spring peeps turn VERY quickly into spring chickens! They have grown faster than bad weeds, and this past weekend, they moved from a big tub in Kevin's basement and got introduced to their permanent home - the brand new coop.

They have lots of room now to spread out, test their wings, peck on new things.

Ummm....girls.... you can spread out now.
Guess they still have that 'bird's of a feather flock together' thing going strong.

They also got introduced to Billy.

Yep, we'll be keeping chicken wire between cat and bird.
Although truth be told, Billy isn't too awfully interested in them.
He's a great hunter, he can catch birds and mice with the best of them.
But, he seems to be a little intimidated by 40 peeping chicks who are growing by leaps & bounds.

The first evening they were in the coop, they were just a little skittish around us strange humans, but they quickly got over that once they discovered the ultimate toy...........shoe strings.

Good thing I had on old shoes and old jeans. Once one found my shoestrings, the others quickly joined in on the fun.

They had my shoes untied in no time!

How do I train them to tie my shoes back up?

Jessica hadn't seen them in person since the weekend she and Kevin brought them home. She had to go back to her life in the big city. But Easter brought her home to the country again, and she wasted no time getting reacquainted.

We've got to get that girl back to her country roots more often!

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