Sunday, March 27, 2011

Country Life = Spring peeps!

Kevin has been planning for a year or so to get chickens this spring. He's been working on a chicken coop, and though it's not quite done yet, he went ahead and got some peeps. Why now? His sister came home from the city for the weekend, and she loves to get her hands into something "country".

(that, and Tractor Supply had their peeps on sale).

So Jessica put away her dressy white "city coat", borrowed Kevin's camo coat, and off they went.

To get 25 chicks.

Maybe 30.

An hour or so later, here they came - big grins on their faces. Kevin was carrying a bag of feed. Jessica was carrying a box of baby chicks.

40 baby chicks.


"But they're so cute!"

40 it is.

They are camping out in Kevin's basement for now, living the high life under a heat lamp. Eating all they want...drinking all they want...chirping all they want.

But not sleeping all they want. Several will get tired, they will all lay down in a heap, and a few seconds later, the one on the bottom decides to move. The whole heap then shifts positions, they go back to sleep, then the new one on the bottom decides to move. It's quite comical watching this process over, and over, and over again.

But really, who needs to sleep? There's so much to do!

Pecking orders need to be learned.

Reflections must be admired in the water jar.

Introductions need to be made.

And hearts need to be won.

Oh yeah. That was an easy one.

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