Thursday, March 10, 2011

Hang on!

So dreary lately! So much rain!
And what did the local weather report offer us this morning?
Another inch of rain this afternoon.
Predictions of the Ohio River cresting 5 feet above flood stage in our town this weekend.
2 to 6 inches of snow tomorrow.

Gloom, gloom, gloom!

As I stated last night, I'm already down in the dumps, missing my mom. But, thinking of her also gives me hope. She struggled with illness most of her adult life, almost losing her life twice, but always fighting through. She was truly an inspiration to me, my sister, & my dad, and to many others I'm sure. Sometimes she hung on to life by a thread, but hang on she did!

Just like these ferns we spotted a couple weeks ago. They made it through another winter, barely hanging on to some old barn wood, but hang on they did.

Brighter days are coming! Hang on!

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