Tuesday, March 1, 2011

In like a lamb

I hope all of you had as pretty of a day to bring in March as we did here. It was chilly, in the 40's, but what sunshine! March definitely came in like a lamb! (Which may be bad for the end of the month when the lion roars it's head, but we'll deal with that then!)

Strictly by coincidence, on this lamb like March day, I spent my day with sheep. Not the real ones, though I've done that in the past - we used to raise sheep. Today's sheep were the craft variety.

I ordered resin sheep the other day, and they came in today, though I didn't get the full order. Shoot! I also have been painting sheep signs. I had hoped to get them all neatly displayed today, but didn't make it quite that far. I did snap some pics of the signs in progress though. I had just varnished them, but they are just laying out to dry in the photos, and still need their hangers.

You'll never guess where this wood came from. It looks like barn wood, and that would be a close guess, but not quite right. It's actually from a nesting box for chickens, where they lay their eggs. Kevin will be getting chickens soon, and I had picked up a good size box at an auction a year or so ago. It needed some work, and Kevin tore part of the back off of it a couple weeks ago. He brought in a pile of the boards, figuring I could paint on them. I trained him well! Around here, every old board is looked at for it's painting potential!

These ones are a bit of a teaser. They are too long to get completely in the picture from where they were laying to dry.

Same with these ones. What is that they are laying on? The box the resin sheep came in. I was getting desperate for drying surfaces. Some of the resin sheep show in the 2 pictures below, along with some houses I also got in today.

Nothing says country like sheep and primitive houses. Happy March!

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